Saving Lives Through Neurosurgery in Sucre, Bolivia

Hospital Santa Barbara is the only Third Level public hospital that serves the entire state of Chuquisaca and the southern states of Tarija and Potosi. There are no other hospitals or clinics in the state that provide neurosurgery services. The hospital covers a population of approximately 1 million. The quality of life and recovery of the patients will improve substantially with the requested equipment. This is also a teaching hospital for medical students and health care workers from the universities in the region.

Objective: To provide the hospital with the necessary equipment to improve the quality of neurosurgeries and neurological treatments. To train resident and local doctors on the latest practices in neurology and neurosurgeries.

The training will be provided through medical training missions from the United States that will be organized and financed by our partner organization Solidarity Bridge ( The medical equipment will be financed by the global grant.

Impact: Improve diagnostics and treatment for 3,600 neurology patient per year.

Population served:15-20 patients/day
300 patients/month, 3,600/year
480 surgeries/year
Medical personnel:4 neurosurgeons, 1 neurologist
Equipment needed:Mayfield unit (cranial fixation system for the surgical table)
Craniotomy equipment set
Estimated cost:$60,000

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